5 Reasons Graphic Design Matters

Your business success, whether you realise it or not, depends on outstanding Graphic Design. It isn’t just about making things look pretty, it’s a form of communication with your existing and prospective customers. Graphic Design in Business literally brings the saying “pictures speak a thousand words” to life.

1. First Impressions

They really do count! Imagine this… the very first time someone ever interacts with you or your business they will undoubtedly lay their eyes on a piece of your business’ graphic design. It could be in the form of a business card, a flyer or poster, or perhaps a marketing email. So what if that piece of graphic design is less design and more just a load of words and colours thrown together without clearly thinking about the message that it portrays? Its fairly certain that it will scream unprofessional, and make you and your business look very much like a “half a job” kind of outfit.

A beautifully crafted business card, a thoughtfully created flyer, a well crafted email, will all make a lasting impression with the individual that comes in to contact with it. A single piece of graphic design will communicate information, it will speak to you subconsciously, and most of all it will register with you on an emotional level. When you reach someone emotionally you connect with them on a whole new level, and thats how relationships begin, even in business.

2. Efficiency

Graphic Design allows a business to communicate large amounts of information both consciously and subconsciously, and is an extremely efficient delivery tool.

Visual stimulus allows for better understanding and recollection. So that first time someone see’s a piece of your marketing literature they might not necessarily get in touch straight away, but they are highly likely to remember you, for when it really matters to them!

3. Consistency

Being consistent with your graphic design allows you to build a solid brand. It speaks volumes about the way you do business, and it helps build trust with your prospective and existing customers. Consistent graphic design applied across all aspects of your business helps you to build credibility for your business through visual communication.

4. Creativity

To succeed in business you must be better than your competition. You have to give customers a reason to spend their money with you over and above your competition. Graphic design allows you to be creative, and to reach out to your customers in a way that your competition does not.

Finding creative ways to portray your messages, ideas, products and so on, allows you to stand out from the crowd. And when you get creative with your graphic design you can play with emotions, and as we have already hinted at, emotions make for very strong responses when it comes to spending money.

5. Brand

Graphic design is a visual way of telling the story of your business. It connects you with people on an emotional level, and it allows people to “understand” you. Graphic design when done well will simplify your business for those that do not know it, and it will take them on a journey. It will stir emotion, encourage contact, and create desire for your product or service.

It is interesting to see so many large national and multi-national brands that changed their brand message many years ago, yet they now return to their original branding in order to re-connect with their customers. Supermarkets and convenience retailers have done this exceptionally well in recent years, and their success demonstrates the power of graphic design.


For many, when first starting their business, there is a tendency to bootstrap. By this I mean save money wherever possible. Unfortunately, those savings tend to be in areas that do damage to their business growth rather than assist it.

There’s plenty of “free logo creator” and “build your own website” tools available, and thats all well and good, but what those tools don’t offer is years of experience of creating graphic design elements that really “speak” to people. They don’t offer the professional input that a graphic designer provides, and they most certainly don’t stand out from the crowd.

The next time you see the branding of another business, take a moment to study it. Do you think the founder sat and designed it on a free online template, or do you think it was professionally crafted for maximum impact? You are likely to guess correctly, and that should tell you all you need to know. If you can tell, then so can everyone else. Compare two businesses in competition with each other, one that “did it themselves” and one that invested in professional design. Which would you choose to spend your money with? Graphic Design says more about your business than words ever could.

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