York Printmakers Website Upgrade

We are very pleased to have been chosen to work with the York Printmakers organisation to upgrade their website, from an online template builder site to an up-to-date Content Management System (CMS) that allows their committee members to administer the site quickly and easily.

As well as a York Printmakers website upgrade and re-design we also took over the administration of their domain name and website hosting, added an SSL Certificate to improve the sites overall security and trust level, and will be looking after the technical maintenance of the site on an ongoing basis.

The new York Printmakers website upgrade includes individual member pages with galleries of each members work, information on the various types of printmaking techniques their members use, information about their exhibitions, a latest news feed and online contact form. You can also subscribe to their mailing list, and visit their various social media profiles to interact with them in real-time.

York Printmakers Website Upgrade

York Printmakers numbers about fifty members and meets monthly to share work and ideas in an informal way. It is an opportunity to show their prints around the table, chat about processes and learn from each other.

Members work in a wide variety of methods including: Etching, linocut, collagraph, monotype, screen print, solar plate, Japanese woodblock, lithography and stencilling.

York Printmakers members have a wide range of printmaking backgrounds, from art students to professional artists who exhibit widely. Members of York Printmakers continually work on new opportunities for the group.

Their exhibitions and events showcase the group’s array of skills with techniques and printing presses which date back hundreds of years through to those that push the boundaries of contemporary practice with laser cut plates, digital elements and 3D techniques.

To learn more about York Printmakers, or if you are interested in membership, please visit their website.

York Printmakers Website Design

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