Chrissie Dell Printmaker Website Design

Chrissie Dell Printmaker approached us towards the end of 2020 with a view to re-designing her old and outdated website that was previously hosted with a free online website builder platform and not at all performing well. After an initial consultation Chrissie Dell Printmaker asked us to go ahead with building a simple website that she would be able to update herself, and one that was simple for visitors to use, quick to load, and would display well on other devices such as smartphone and tablet.

We created a Content Management System (CMS) so that Chrissie Dell Printmaker would be able to look after the day-to-day administration of her website, constructing each part of the site to her exact specification. We also provided a full domain name, web hosting and SSL Certificate service to ensure the site was able to perform to its absolute best, and also moving away from the free online builder platform. The biggest problem with these free solutions is data portability. In almost all instances it is not possible to migrate your site to another provider, and you are also plagued by inflexibility. By moving her to our fast, secure and reliable managed shared web hosting service it meant that all her data is now in her complete control.

Once the site was launched we undertook virtual training via Zoom to ensure that she was fully able to manage her new website with confidence, and we continue to offer a free after-launch support service so that if she has any problems, either technical issues or just something she can’t remember to do, we will be available to give her a helping hand at no extra cost.

And, as with all our customers, we offer a simple referral scheme. Each time one of our customers recommends us to someone that then goes on to commission a service or purchase a product from us, we credit £5 to the referring customers account which can be offset against their ongoing web hosting costs, and in many instances our customers are able to offset those costs completely!

If you’d like to find out how we can help you then why not request a call back for a free no-obligation chat?

Click here to view her website.

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