Jo Ruth Website Design new website design has just launched!

We’ve been working with local artist and designer Jo Ruth to redevelop her old and outdated website, one that was previously built using a basic online designer website.

At first glances these simple DIY platforms appear perfect and often allow you to get going with minimal cost. But, these platforms aren’t scalable with your business, offer little flexibility, and often make it extremely difficult to move your data, leaving you tied to their service than less you opt to start over.

Jo decided to start a fresh after an update by the online builder platform left her website in a poor way, and asked us to help her transfer her domain away from them, set up new powerful shared web hosting, and build a fresh new website to really highlight the amazing work that she produces.

Jo Ruth Website Design

We’ve set Jo up on our super-powerful unlimited hosting (which is unlimited as standard!), secured her domain via SSL, and installed and build a Content Management System (CMS) Website so that she is able to keep things updated herself. And as ever, we remain on hand to offer fast and efficient assistance should she need it.

The website design includes a clean design that works beautifully across all devices, with great readability regardless of whether you are viewing on a smartphone, interacting on a tablet, or surfing on a desktop.

You can view Jo’s work, exploring by collection, and learn about the techniques that she uses to create her beautiful work. The website design also takes in to account security (built in to the site’s foundations rather than bolted on as an afterthought like so many other sites), and offers fast and simple ways of contacting her.

The website design scores highly for accessibility, ensuring that those visiting using assistive technologies are offered the same great visitor experience as standard access users.

You can view Jo’s new website here.

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