Dragon Willow Website Improvements

We were very pleased to be contacted by Leilah at Dragon Willow who was looking for help to make numerous improvements to her existing website. The focus was simple, to improve usability across all devices, but with a focus on fixing long-standing issues in mobile-view. We worked closely with Leilah, taking a methodical approach to the improvements, ensuring that the website remained live with absolute minimal disruption for visitors.

We are extremely happy to be working with Leilah on her long-term Dragon Willow website maintenance needs, as well as maintaining regular backups, and ensuring that her web hosting and SSL  configuration remains effective.

One of the most satisfying parts of the initial work we undertook was being able to permanently fix recurring issues with the Dragon Willow site’s framework that had previously only been patched. This meant that regardless of automated updates to the sites framework and plugins, changes remained live to the site users, instead of continually having to revert to previous framework and plugin versions or constant restoring of old backups to recover the changes.

You can visit Leilah’s website here: www.dragonwillow.co.uk

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