Entries by Phil Johnson

Villa Mombaldone

Villa Mombaldone can be found basking in the Italian sunshine, welcoming guests all year round. We’ve had the pleasure of looking after the owners domain name and hosting for a number of years, and have designed and built the previous two versions of their website, the latest including booking features.

Egdell Properties

Egdell Properties specialise in providing quality student accommodation in and around the beautiful and historic City of York. We look after their domain name, web hosting and website maintenance, as well as having designed and built their current website. We’ve worked with Julie and the team and Egdell Properties for a number of years now, […]

Ella De Wastney

We’ve worked with Ella De Wastney for a number of years, having rescued her domain name and original website from a failed hosting provider. Since then we’ve kept her online presence strong including domain name renewals, designed and built a new website, looked after site maintenance and updating, and assisted with a number of graphic […]

Little Miss Embroidery

E-commerce websites are one of our most popular products (such as this site for Little Miss Embroidery). Not only do they allow you to present a solid online brand image but they also allow you to make money from them too, by featuring online purchasing facilities that you can plug in to popular online payment […]